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This mod is just for IV not EFLC ------------------------------------- This mod let you play as CJ in HD univers with his voice and cusomize his clothes just like in SA, I hope yo enjoy it Clothes: Blue jean Green jean Red jean White jean Black jean Leather jean Rock Star jacket Rim jacket White pants Sub shirt SEMI Shirt Cut off jeans Under wears

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Carl Johnson Also known as CJ Mr. C-to-the-Jay Carlito Romeo Mr. Right Mister Driver Nationality American Status Alive Place of birth Los Santos, San Andreas Home Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos Angel Pine, Whetstone Fern Ridge, Red County

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Carl "CJ" Johnson is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas . Description Childhood, Teenage Years, and Gang Lifestyle Carl was born inside the Johnson House in Grove Street in Ganton, Los Santos, to mother Beverly Johnson and an unnamed father who is never mentioned.

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Information Back GTA 4 Skins : New look / model CJ HD (EFLC) Rating: 9.75 based on 4 votes It's mod CJ to GTA IV TBoGT (soon ped version) Advertising Download DOWNLOAD Virus Detection Ratio: 0% (0/52) See Virus Scan Report Advertising Report Are you the owner of this mod?

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Carl Johnson meets Franklin Clinton Part 1Watch Part 2:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aurKNTO3PbECJ (Carl Johnson) visits Liberty City to look for Franklin.

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Carl " CJ " Johnson is a fictional character and the playable protagonist of the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the fifth main installment in Rockstar Games ' Grand Theft Auto series. He is voiced by Young Maylay, who also served as the likeness for the character.

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the music videofrom the GTA IV soundtrackhttp://www.myspace.com/cjcapitalrecordshttp://www.last.fm/music/C.J./_/I+Want+You

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90s HD Carl Johnson in GTA IV look pretty awsome to play as so of course replace the player niko to Carl Johnson enjoy the model. It is converted from gta sa player cj to gtaiv but it is GTA V HD version OpenIV. Enjoy Head bugged is missing in cutscenes. Uppr rigging fixed Lowr rigging fixed shoe rigging fixed Niko shoes bugged

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Carl Johnson The return of those who were not, the beloved by many, CJ (if he calls CG he may not like it), now he can make a mess in his GTA IV's liberty city. Carl Johnson GTA San Andreas to GTA IV. You can download the modification by following links to your GTA IV. - Correct Position of the player - Player 100% functional

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Best Total Overhaul 2014 [GTA SA Beta Edition] Biggest Asskisser 2013. Posted April 28, 2011 (edited) ^^ Logo by EitsforEli ^^. Hello, all. This is a modification for IV. Which replaces Niko Bellic, with Carl Johnson (CJ) This includes: Re-textured clothing from SA, replaced with clothes in IV.

CJ Juega Gta IV !Nicolas Loquendo14! YouTube

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CJ MOD: 0 MB: 2289: Download: Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to ensure the validity of submissions to the GTAGarage database, GTANet cannot accept responsibility for the contents of user submitted files.. This Mod IS Made By Omarilzz and does not have anything to do with gta ivsa @How to Install@ 1-Go To Grand Theft Auto IV\PC.

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CJ's Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto IV. In the stairwell of some enterable apartments in GTA IV, there is some graffiti scribbled on a wall next to the staircase. The graffiti contains references to previous protagonists of the GTA Series, including Tommy, Claude, Victor, Toni, and Carl Johnson. Next to Carl's name are the letters RIP, suggesting that Carl Johnson may be dead.

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Above Video Shows Evolution of Carl Johnson in Every Grand Theft Auto Series from Alpha to GTA VThank You so much Guys we reached 20000 SubscribersDO NOT CLI.

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GTA IV - CJ Clothes Bundle Mod(More Added Clothes!)Another GTA IV Mod I focused on, which is perfect for GTA IV:SA! Added some haircuts, torso, pants, and sh.

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Roman Bellic (Serbian: Роман Белић, Roman Belić) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the deuteragonist and a friend in Grand Theft Auto IV and a minor character in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Roman is the older cousin of GTA IV's protagonist, Niko Bellic. Roman was born in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and moved to Liberty.