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Drawing Paper. Crayons or Colored Pencils. Black Marker (optional) How to Draw a Gingerbread House Printable PDF (see bottom of lesson) This tutorial will instruct you how to draw a gingerbread house. We will pay attention to the shapes of each part and variety of lines drawn making sure that the drawing looks great. Time Needed: 20 minutes.

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Scratch that - these are crafts for kids and everyone else in the family too! Contents hide. 20 Gorgeous Gingerbread House Crafts for Kids. 1. Mess Free Gingerbread House. 2. Gingerbread House Christmas Card. 3. Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House.

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Draw a Gingerbread House © 1. Draw a basic house shape. 2. Add a side to the house and a door. 4. Erase lines and add two candy canes.

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The green and pink looks so good together! Source. Keep your gingerbread house simple by adding minimal icing patterns around the structure and mimic frosty snowflakes with powdered sugar. Source. If you have a lot of icing on hand and want to make use of it, this could be the perfect gingerbread house idea for you!

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2. Cut the gingerbread houses out. After the houses are all colored and decorated, cut the two pieces out on the solid lines. Be sure not to cut off the tabs that say "Fold and glue". 3. Fold the paper houses. First, fold the main house piece on the vertical lines to form a 3D square shape.

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Why not try out making gingerbread art! With just a few ingredients, combined with lots of imagination, your family can create an oh-so-adorable (and entirely edible!) gingerbread house. From mixing up the dough to decorating it with icing and candy, there's plenty of festive cheer to be found in this classic winter holiday project.

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Choose a color for the door and paint the door. Let everything dry completely. Use oil pastel to add a small door handle to the door once the paint is dry. 9. Use green and red oil pastels to draw in the wreath above the door. 10. Choose a few oil pastel colors to color in the gumdrops at the bottom of the painting.

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/ Art Projects By Age / 5 - 8 / How To Draw A Gingerbread House. How To Draw A Gingerbread House. Making a real gingerbread house is fun, but it can be extremely messy. Drawing a gingerbread house is just as fun, but without the mess. So grab those markers and follow along with us, learn how to draw a gingerbread house!.

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Unreal Replica. This gingerbread house is a replica of the crafter's own home. It took about two weeks and 80 hours to create. It measures approximately 30 inches long and is 12 inches wide and is entirely edible, including the sugar-pane windows. You can spy Santa's hat on the top of one of the chimneys.

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Mount Your Gingerbread House for Display. When finished, mount your house on a piece of colored card stock or patterned paper, if desired, and display all season long. This Gingerbread House Printable Template is available at Teachers Pay Teachers, or included in the Craft Template ARCHIVE along with many more free craftivity templates.

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This project is really just a "go for it" type project. Other than the house and the background, this is a great way to use up scraps! Start by creating your house shape. You can draw it first, then cut it and glue it down onto the background colour of your choice. I cut out a bit of snow and added it in front of the house.

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Source: ShopEatSleep. Featured in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco during the holiday season of 2016, this 22 foot tall, two-story gingerbread house was built over a wooden frame. Hotel Chefs added nearly 8,000 individual pieces of gingerbread as well as hundreds of pounds of icing and candy.

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3. A Cartoon Gingerbread House Drawing Tutorial. A cartoon gingerbread house should have character and tell a story. Rainbow Parrot Art does a great job of achieving this. 4. Drawing a Cute Gingerbread House Tutorial. A cute gingerbread house will make anyone smile. Draw So Cute always has the cutest art tutorials. 5.

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Print the gingerbread house template. STEP 2. Use colored markers or watercolors to decorate your gingerbread house. STEP 3. Use scissors to cut out the house and the roof. STEP 4. Fold the tabs inwards. STEP 5. Fold the house together, and tape the edges and roof on.

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Step by Step Directions for a Gingerbread House. Time needed: 45 minutes. Easy Gingerbread House Drawing. Draw a basic house shape. Add a side to the house and a door. Draw some snow dripping from the roof. Erase the lines and add two candy canes next to the door. Draw a small window in the front.

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Learn how to draw a gingerbread house! Become an Art Club member Learn more about the art supplies we love to us.