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Rooibos Solstice herbal blend. If you're looking for herbal teas for winter, this blend is sure to delight! This loose leaf herbal blend from Summit Spice & Tea Company is a bright, sweet mix of citrus, vanilla, and peppermint. The base is South African rooibos, a bush in the Fabaceae family.

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Buy Masala Tea Online and enjoy winters just the right notch warmer. 4. Jasmine Lemongrass Tea. Widely used in the land of China & now around the world, Jasmine Tea is a wonderful addition to any tea blend. Why? It makes for a perfect feel good, aromatic infusion that will lift you up during winter blues and gloomy afternoons.

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The combination of mint and chocolate is a classic flavor pairing, and in this tea, it creates a delightful balance of cool and warm notes. Peppermint is known for its soothing properties, making it an excellent choice for relieving tension and aiding digestion during the winter months. 6. Maple Pecan Black Tea.

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Teas by Category. Tea Collections. Teaware. Gift & Samplers. About. Cozy winter tea flavors Whereas in spring we often turn to light, floral teas, and in summer we enjoy fruity flavored blends, in winter we're all about warmth and sweetness. 1. Spiced chai blends When the temperatures plunge, nothing hits the spot like a good cup of chai.

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Rosemary. Clinical herbalist and holistic gut health coach Laura Rubin says one of her favorite teas for winter is rosemary."It's an amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-viral herb that's.

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Buy from Third Culture Bakery. Honey Bug Bite Oolong from Third Culture Bakery was our favorite among all the teas we tested. Its name, according to the company, comes from the bugs that bite the.

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But the best tea for winter days, especially if you aren't feeling well, is holy basil, or tulsi. The name means "incomparable one," and the herb comes from one of India's most sacred plants, according to Prashanti de Jager, founder of Om Organics, an Ayurvedic herb and tea producer. "This nutritive, warming tea is a first-reach herb.

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Three. Winter Spice Herbal Tea. Obviously this made the list for the best teas for winter since it is specifically a winter spice tea, but it really is the perfect tea for winter. It has a flavor of cinnamon and vanilla without being to sweet or too strong. I can only find this online, so I stock up each winter.

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Here are the best teas for cold or flu symptoms: 1. 30 Best Winter Fashion Finds on Amazon. The Best Snow Blowers. The Best Warm Socks for Winter. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Supreme Spiced Chai - Black Tea. If the strong spices of winter sweep you up and make you smile, this chai tea will certainly do the same. Clove, star anise, cardamom, ginger, and pink pepper are blended with orange pieces and quality black tea from India's Nilgiri region in the southwest. It's a region that's known for harvesting intense.

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Goes well with honey, milk, and even rum! Ingredients: Cinnamon chips, apple pieces, Rooibos, and marigold flowers with apple and cinnamon flavor. Apple Cinnamon Herbal. 2. Winter's Brew. Nine fruits, two flowers and cinnamon - Winter's Brew is a fruit tea that brings out the joy in every cool winter day.

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Shou pu-erh tea is known for its rich, intense flavour and aroma. Shou pu-erh is dark and bewitching, yet full of familiar aromas, often delightfully savory, woody or smoky like a fine whiskey. Shou pu-erh is often compared to coffee and sometimes called a "coffee-lover's tea.". The strong and robust flavour of shou pu-erh makes it a.

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2. Winter's Brew. Nine fruits, two flowers and cinnamon - Winter's Brew is a fruit tea that brings out the joy in every cool winter day. Strong wintery citrus notes are a what makes this tea both unforgettable and truly enjoyable.. Ingredients: Papaya, apricot, peach, apple, mango, cranberry, cherry, strawberry, hibiscus, orange peel, cinnamon chips, cloves, and rose petals with cinnamon.


Buy it: Twinings of London English Breakfast Tea ($9), 2. Late Morning Tea: Winter Cinnamon Chai Tea. There is a late morning lull, generally around 11 a.m., that deserves a deliciously flavored warm cup of tea. The British understand this lull and often take a tea break with a few teatime snacks.

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Common herbs used during the winter season include herbal allies such as ginger, cinnamon, hawthorn, rose hips, Echinacea, elderberry and flower, tulsi basil, Astragalus, and Calendula. Each of these herbs offer their own unique array of useful properties. Herbs can help to bolster the immune system; provide essential vitamin C and other.

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Hibiscus Tea. The best tea for winter might be a hibiscus blend. Dark red hibiscus blossoms brew up into rich magenta tea with a sweet-sour fruity tang. Brewed warm, hibiscus tea has bright citrus and red-berry notes like a cranberry Christmas punch, or warm mulled wine. Check out the Happy Hour hibiscus herbal blend or cranberry/hibiscus.