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(1) U.S. Size Statistics
(2) Financial Statistics
(3) Accident Statistics
(4) Fuel Statistics
(5) Sales Statistics
(6) Road Repair Statistics
(7) Top 100 Trucking Companies by Revenue
(8) Other Statistic Sites
(9) Canadian Trucking Statistics
(10) Size Statistics
(11) Financial Statistics
(12) Accident Statistics
(13) Employment Statistics

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U.S. Statistics

Size Stats

How big is the trucking industry?
The trucking companies, warehouses and private sector in the U.S. employs an estimated 8.9 million people employed in trucking-related jobs; nearly 3.5 million were truck drivers. Of this figure UPS employs 60,000 workers and 9% are owner operators. LTL shippers account for around 13.6 percent of America's trucking sector.

How many trucks operate in the U.S.?
13 million trucks operate in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Of this figure 2.9 million are tractor trailers.

How many truckers are there?
It is an estimated over 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S. Of that one in nine are independent, a majority of which are owner operators. Canada has in excess of 250,000 truck drivers.

How many trucking companies are there in the U.S.?
Estimates of 1.2 million companies in the U.S. Of that figure 97% operate 20 or fewer while 90% operate 6 or fewer trucks.

Motor Carriers Regulated by the FMCSA

Trucking Statistics | (1)

How many miles does the transportation industry transports good in a year?
In 2006 the transportation industry logged 432.9 billion miles. Class 8 trucks accounted for 139.3 billion of those miles, up from 130.5 billion in 2005

What is the volume of goods transported by the trucking industry?
The United States economy depends on trucks to deliver nearly 70 percent of all freight transported annually in the U.S., accounting for $671 billion worth of manufactured and retail goods transported by truck in the U.S. alone. Add $295 billion in truck trade with Canada and $195.6 billion in truck trade with Mexico .

Financial Stats

How much Revenue does the trucking industry produce?
Total revenue estimates are 255.5 billion. For Hire or Common Carriers Trucking companies generated revenue estimated at 97.9 billion. More than air transportation by 18 billion. Private Fleets generated revenue estimated at 121 billion.

What is the average operating ratio for trucking companies?
Estimates are the operating ratio is 95.2. This means for every dollar in revenue the trucking company has a cost of 95.2 cents. Leaving them with a profit of 4.8 cents of every dollar.

What does a driver make driving truck?
The average estimates that a driver makes is 30.3 cents per mile. Average yearly income for a driver is 32,000/Year. The average owner operator makes slightly more.

How much does the trucking industry pay to operate on our roads?
Estimates of 21.4 billions dollars is produced annually and paid by the trucking industry.

2008 Average operating costs
According to (ATRI) American Transportation Research Institute the average cost per mile was $1.73 per mile and $83.68 per hour

How much fuel does the transportation industry utilize in a year?
trucks consumed 53.9 billion gallons of fuel for business purposes.

How much does the industry pay annually in Federal Highway use Tax?
The transportation industry paid $37.4 billion in federal and state highway-user taxes. Commercial trucks make up 12.5 percent of all registered vehicles, but paid 36.5 percent of total highway-user taxes in 2006.

Accident Stats

What are some accident statistics?
Estimates of 41,000 to 45,000 traffic deaths occur every year within the U.S.. Walkers and bikers account for 15% of the total traffic deaths each year. Fewer than 9% of those deaths involve commercial vehicles. More than 80% of those accidents are the fault of the non-commercial driver. Of those death related accidents only 4% of trucks are fatigue related. Drinking related accounted for .06% of those accidents.

How many total drivers (commercial & civilian) are in the US and how many total accidents happen?
There are more than 200,000,000 licensed drivers in the United States. (As of 2003, we’re close to a yearly 7 million motor vehicle accidents, involving well over 3.5 million injuries).

What is the total cost for all the accidents in the US?
Motor vehicle accident crashes cost society an estimated $4,900 per second. That’s about $30,000 in the time it took to read this fact

What are some percentage facts?
Current records show that most American driver’s will have a near motor vehicle accident 1 to 3 times per month and will be in a collision of some type on the average of every 5 to 8 years plus these records also indicate that licensed teenagers are 22 more times likely to get a speeding ticket than those who are 65 years of age or older.

An interesting note.
In 1896 there were only four cars registered in all the United States. Two of them collided with each other in St. Louis.

Accident projections for 2025.
By the year 2025 there will be 33 million people 70 years or older in America. This segment of the population will be growing 2.5 as fast as the total population. They will make up the largest percentage of the “turning left” and “rear end” accidents. Slowly but surely Senior Citizens have developed a higher accident ratio than teenagers. (This will, in time, seriously impact the typical Senior Citizen’s pocketbook). And also, by 2025, the total costs for motor vehicle accidents in the United States will exceed 450 billion dollars.

Just for your information.
The world’s most solitary tree is located at an oasis in the Tenere Desert in Central Africa. There’s not one other standing tree within 31 miles. In 1960, it was smashed into by a truck.

How many accidents are alcohol related and what days do most accidents happen?
Up-to-date statistics clearly reflect that 1 out of every 5 Americans are involved in an alcohol-related car crash at some time in their lives and the day in which motor vehicle accident injuries occur most often is Saturday. Sunday is second.

What speed can an injury occur?
Records prove that a motor vehicle accident of as little speed as 5 MPH can produce a “whiplash-type” injury.

Can there be after effects from an accident and their effects?
The symptoms arising from an injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident do not necessarily present themselves immediately following an accident. Medical research and clinical experience have accumulated enough information to demonstrate that the delay of an injury symptom is the norm. Studies have established that the delay of a symptom does not eliminate the possibility of severe injury. It’s been proven that individuals can continue to be symptomatic for many months (even years!) after a motor vehicle accident. In addition approximately 75% of them remain symptomatic for a minimum of 6 months after the accident. (And current up-to-date statistics reveal that between the first and second year after an accident has occurred over 20% of those injured actually have their symptoms worsen).

What are some facts about truck driving accidents?
Commercial trucks are involved in 2.4% of all car accidents.
Trucks are 3 times less likely to be in an accident than a regular motor vehicle.
One person is injured or killed in a truck accident every 16 minutes.

How many truck accidents occur every year?
The United States Department of Transportation estimates that over 500,000 truck accidents occur every year.

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What is the cause of the truck accidents
More than 75% of truck driving accidents are due to the driver of the passenger vehicle.
Only 16% of all truck driving accidents are due to the truck driver’s fault.

How many people are seriously injured in a truck accident?
Nearly 5,000 people are killed in truck accidents every year.Nearly 98% of the time, the drivers of the other vehicle are killed in a truck accident.

When do most truck accidents occur?
68% of truck accidents occur in rural areas with 68% occurring during the day time and 78% occurring on the weekends.

Which states have the highest number of truck accidents?
The highest number of truck accidents occur in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.In 2003, California had 5,725 fatal vehicle accidents and 332 fatal truck accidents.

Truck Accident Attorneys Round table
Some very interesting additional accident statistics.

Some stats provided by

Fuel Stats

How much fuel does the trucking industry consume?
The trucking industry accounts for 12.8% of all the fuel purchased in the U.S. Compared to automobiles and light vehicles accounted for 63% of the fuel purchased.

What is the average price per gallon of fuel?
Average price for fuel is estimated to be 2002/$1.26 per gallon 2004/$1.58 per gallon

See our guide on fuel cards for truckers.

Sales Stats

How many trucks are sold in the U.S.?
Approximate average of 192,000 per year

How many trailers are sold in the U.S.?
Approximate average of 280,000 per year

What is the sales forecast for truck related sales?
The forecast prediction shows a decline from the high in May of 99 at 40,000

Emergency Road Call Stats

What percentage of problems occur on the road?

Tires 51.3%
Jump or Pull start 7.6%
Air Line or hose 4.7%
Alternator 4.1%
Wiring 3.9%
Fuel Filter R/R 3.7%
Fuel 3.5%
Brake 2.4%

All Others are less than 1%

Top 100 Trucking Companies by Revenue

2003 Revenue

1-United Parcel Service $21,339,874
2-FedEx Ground 3,912,000
3-Schneider National 2,905,000
4-Roadway Express, Inc. 2,844,214
5-Yellow Transportation Inc. 2,788,078
6-FedEx Freight 2,689,000
7-J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. 2,433,469
8-Swift Transportation Co. 2,397,655
9-Con-Way Trptn. Services 2,107,258
10-Overnite Transportation 1,475,463
11-Ryder Integrated Logistics 1,459,603
12-Werner Enterprises, Inc. 1,457,766
13-ABF Freight System, Inc. 1,347,078
14-United Van Lines, Inc. 1,163,437
15-USF Holland, Holland, Mich 983,830
16-Penske Logistics, Inc. 896,324
17-Watkins Motor Lines, Inc. 865,676
18-Allied Systems, Ltd. 865,463
19-Estes Express Lines 864,813
20-U.S. Xpress Ent. 795,239
21-Landstar Ranger 772,599
22-Old Dominion Freight Line 667,531
23-Averitt Express, Inc. 625,948
24-North American Van Lines 590,176
25-Covenant Transport. 582,457
26-TNT Logistics 572,291
27-Carriers 565,440
29-Prime, Inc. 559,153
30-CRST, Inc. 525,362
31-Crete Carrier Corp. 521,946
32-Saia Motor Freight Line 520,668
33-C. R. England 499,881
34-Southeastern Freight. Lines 483,811
35-Landstar Inway, Inc. 483,095
36-Mayflower Transit, Inc. 419,959
37-Atlas Van Lines, Inc. 418,052
39-Allied Van Lines 416,799
40-AAA Cooper Transportation. 408,004
41-Heartland Express 405,116
42-Central Freight Lines, Inc. 389,696
43-Interstate Distributor Co. 369,000
44-Celadon Trucking Services 367,105
45-Contract Freighters, Inc. 362,174
46-Anderson Trucking Services 359,931
47-Ruan Transportation Corp. 352,406
48-Dart Transit Company 351,345
49-Marten Transport, Ltd. 334,667
50-Frozen Food Express 334,066
51-Knight Transportation 327,679
52-Jevic Transportation 306,691
53-Velocity Express 302,088
54-USA Truck, Inc. 298,663
55-Stevens Transport, Inc. 294,254
56-USF Reddaway 294,240
57-P.A.M.Transport, Inc. 293,547
58-USF Logistics, Inc. 276,441
59-Dynamex, Inc., Dallas 269,187
60-Transport Corp. Of America 258,859
61-KLLM, Inc. 251,889
62-Landstar Ligon, Inc. 247,736
63-Forward Air Corp., Inc. 241,517
64-USF Dugan 232,362
65-New England Motor Freight 231,040
66-Mercer Transportation 230,497
67-CSX Freight Services 217,857
68-New Penn Motor Express 216,478
69-Pitt-Ohio Express, Inc. 205,470
70-Cardinal Freight 200,033
71-Shaffer Trucking 199,841
72-Western Express 198,000
73-Bekins Van Lines 197,803
74-Ace Transportation, Inc. 197,120
75-G.I.Trucking Company 194,675
76-Kenan Transport Co. 194,384
77-Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. 187,733
78-National Freight, Inc. 187,224
79-The Waggoners Trucking 186,380
80-Roehl Transport, Inc. 184,649
81-Cassens Transport Co. 181,484
82-Arnold Transportation Services 175,651
83-CD&L. 166,083
84-Superior 164,937
85-Gainey Transportation Services163,902
86-Motor Cargo 143,600
87-Ashley Distribution Services 159,342
88-Gordon Trucking, Inc. 159,173
89-Dawes Transport, Inc. 158,496
90-USF Bestway 157,873
91-Vitran Express 156,230
92-Arrow Trucking Company 150,438
93-Roberson Transportation 149,096
94-Graebel Van Lines, Inc. 148,819
95-Leaseway Motorcar 144,058
96-Roadrunner Freight Systems 142,811
97-Navajo Express, Inc. 141,417
98-Groendyke Transport, Inc. 138,167
99-Supervalu Transportation Inc.137,251
100-Jack Cooper Transport. Co. 135,592
101-Maverick Transportation, Inc. 130,832

Top Refrigerated Trucking Companies (in order)

(1) FFE Transportation Services
(2)Marten Transport LTD.
(3)Prime Inc.
(4)Stevens Transportation

Canadian Statistics

Size Statistics

According to Statistics Canada the occupation of truck driver is the most frequently cited occupation of Canadian men. Over 227,000 Canadians are truck drivers making it one of the top occupations in the country. The trucking industry employs over 3% of the Manitoba labor force.

Financial Statistics

A typical tractor-trailer raises about $40,000 a year in federal/provincial taxes and fees.Trucks make "just-in-time" delivery possible - no other mode of delivery can match the service provided by the trucking industry. Over 269,000 commercial trucks cross the Manitoba-US border each year. In 1998, $6.06 billion of Manitoba’s exports are to the United States. In 1998, $7.45 billion of Manitoba’s imports are from the United States. 80% of Manitoba’s merchandise trade with the United States is shipped by truck. Canada and the United States trade $300 billion in goods and services every year. More than 66% of the goods travel by truck. Each year trucks cross the Canada-US border over 10 million times. (that’s one trip every three seconds). For-hire trucking directly and indirectly contributes $890 million of Manitoba’s GDP.

Accident Statistics

Commercial trucks represent 3.9% of all vehicles registered in Manitoba and are involved in only 2.4% of all accidents. Tractor-trailers are involved less than 3% of all accidents.Truck-drivers were driving properly in over 70% of accidents involving trucks.Vehicle defects are a contributing factor in less than 1% of all truck accidents.Trucks are 3 times less likely to be involved in an accident than a car.The number of trucks involved in accidents in Manitoba is 20% fewer today than 10 years ago.Nationally the accident rate for tractor-trailers has declined over the past 20 years. (By way of comparison, between 1990-96 railway accidents in Canada increased 42%). 95% of the goods moved within Manitoba depend on trucks.

Employment Statistic

The Emerson-Pembina border crossing is the second busiest international border crossing point in Western Canada.612,000 truck trips occur each week on Canada’s major highways. Five of Canada’s twenty-five largest employers in the for-hire trucking industry are headquartered in Winnipeg. Three of Canada’s ten largest employers in the for-hire trucking industry are headquartered in Winnipeg.From 1990 to 1999, while rail line abandonment has flourished, the number of Manitoba based for-hire trucking companies has increased by 65%

Other Statistic Sites

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Department of Transportation

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Global Transport Statistics

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

The National Trucker Survey Results


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